Vidèsto Tamaëla, also known as DJ Vidès.
His passion for music converts his style into a hot banging house set. He will take you on a ride of his musical train.

Vidèsto was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. He started spinning records in 1981 and got familiar with different kinds of music. In the beginning of the 90’s he got in touch with housemusic.

Playing at different locations in the Netherlands he got settled as a club DJ for 4 years at Röntgen Café in Apeldoorn (2002-2006), where he played weekly. He met and played together with other DJ’s like Marcello, Erick E, MarySol, Victor Coral, Lucien Foort, Marcella, Cleon Macnack, Miss Monica, Jeroenski and many more.

He did some projects in the Fashion scene with live musicians. He also played live at several Spinning courses at the gym.

At this time, Vidèsto only playes on ivitation. Last year he did some gigs on different party’s: Veronica Café Smooth Party @ BLM9, Pirates Of The Caribbean Party @ The Sand Amsterdam, Silly Symphonies The Hague, Glitter & Glamour NYE and lots of private sessions.
In the summer he did some sessions in Vietnam and Cambodia.

Inspiration: Happy People!
Influences: Carl Cox, Danny Tenaglia, Roger Sanchez, Kraftwerk, Incognito and Jamiroquai.

It’s difficult to describe the musicstyle of DJ Vidès, you have to get on his train to experience it.